Blonde has more fun.

We all love walnut, but blonde wood is making a comeback. At recent design shows, manufacturers have exhibited stunning credenzas, sideboards, cocktail and end tables, fashioned from light wood species — ash, birch and white oak. Often with a matte, almost rough-hewn finish, these striking pieces range from subtly sophisticated to casually contemporary. In any case, they inject a little bit of lightness into any décor.

Calligaris Claire Chair
Calligaris Claire Chair

BDI Corridor Entertainment Unit

flow cabinet
Speke-Klein Flow Cabinet

park table
Calligaris Park Extendable Table

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Every year, Schreiter’s annual OUTSVILLE sale arrives, and to the delight of many (customers and staff alike), beautiful upholstery, case goods, accessories, lighting and textiles for every room in your home are marked down to unbeatable prices. We have an amazing assortment of floor models ready to go, and have been inspired by some of our customers who have taken full advantage of the savings and outfitted entire rooms!

Our ever-so-talented intern Josh was tasked with the challenge of creating a beautiful living room using only Outsville pieces. We love what he’s designed and with the pieces he’s selected there’s a total savings of over $4,500!

Product Includes: Silva Trinity Sofa W/Chair, Trica Bella Buffet, ION Vintage Tripod Coffee Table and Vintage Console W/Shelf, Julian Armand Side Table, and Verona Rug. Sale product can be found here:

Outsville BlogA muted pallet of cool graphite, black marble, white lacquer, and warm walnut tones combine to create a relaxed and sophisticated setting.

Mixing the Trinity sofa with the matching lounge chair by Silva as it holds a simple contemporary shape to effortlessly compliment the mid-century inspired Vintage Coffee Table and Vintage Console Table by ION. With the side table from Julian Armand resembling a very classic curved design from the mid-century era it contrasts the rectangular build of the Bella Buffet by Trica, creating visual interest. Adding the relaxed element to this space with the Verona Rugs shag appearance finishes this OUTSVILLE living room set-up.

Love the room? It can be yours!


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Welcome Home Dellarobbia!

Contributor: Josh Huebner

One of the many highlights from our time at the High Point Market this year was discovering the highly contemporary, beautifully crafted, American brand: Dellarobbia.

Based out of Corona, California, Dellarobia has been manufacturing contemporary furniture for over 32 years. Hand crafted quality combined with the latest technology, materials and tailoring create a superior selection of contemporary furnishings. Simply put, we couldn’t live without it.

While we sit anxiously waiting for its arrival (only a few more weeks to go), we thought we’d give you a sneak peek at some of our favourites.

Dellarobbia 2







Dellarobbia 4


Dellarobbia 3















The OMARI sectional is one of the many new pieces we have ordered and has already landed a spot on our list-of-favorites. Every detail in this piece shapes the perfect silhouette for a great contemporary statement. The curved corner seat, lowered back cushion, a seamlessly polished base stretching out and creating the side table. These features make the OMARI what is stands to be, an exceptionally tailored design.Dellarobbia 5







Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of this incredible collection. For those who have an appreciation of quality craftsmanship, superior materials and contemporary design, you’ll want to add Dellarobbia to the list of favorites!

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The Perfect Bi-Sectional

Contributor: Josh Huebner

Josh Blog Post 5

Gus Modern (a Toronto based design and manufacturing company) made this sofa great for apartment living. No-sag springs ensure a lasting cushion shape to remain after high usage. The chaise can be arranged on either left or right side to accommodate any floor layout. A brushed stainless steel base polishes off this sofa seamlessly.

Fabric choices are limited (comparatively speaking), but what is available is fantastic. You won’t have trouble finding one you like. Gus is modern, sleek and competitively priced which is why Jane is my pick for a great bi-sectional.


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My Versatile Mid Century Craze

Contributor: Josh Huebner

Blending cowhides with mid-century modern design appeals to me. My love for the natural elements in the cowhide’s textures and patterns are immense. Along with a time period of design which innovated a lifestyle still relevant today, I really find this look intriguing.

The Versatile Cowhide:

Create an authentic accent for living spaces with a wide range of colors and patterns. Pair it with traditional, mid-century modern, or sleek contemporary areas without second thoughts. A piece worth the investment. Low maintenance and sturdy, excellent for high traffic spaces.

Josh Blog Post 2

Josh Blog Post 1

Mid-Century Modern Craze:

Still able to maintain its bold statement through the simplified forms of structure and furniture. Taking another run through the spotlight with a new generation experiencing the classis style. Functional features are desirable for scaled down living spaces.

Josh Blog Post 4


Josh Blog Post 3



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Staff Picks – The Perfect Holiday Gift

Lara’s Pick: The Chatfield by Top and Derby

Top and Derby 2These beautiful gems arrived at Schreiter’s, much to my glee! As soon as I saw them I immediately thought they would be the perfect gift. Swirling in my head were visions of fallen canes, uncomfortable handles, and generic designs, similar to my Grandma’s cane (and many other models on the market today).

What drew me in is the beauty of the solid walnut. I am a sucker for walnut, and the satin finish only enhances the beauty of the wood. The shaft is topped with a functional aluminum core handle which has been over-molded with silicone to soften the vibrations while you walk. This unique handle detail also prevents it from falling down – ever! A thermoplastic rubber foot will prevent any nasty falls on even the slickest of sidewalks. Sounds great, no? Add to that, the ability to choose the perfect size ranging from extra small to large, and a trio of colours including: lights-out black, crybaby blue, and on-the-vine red.


Top and Derby 1Perfect for the young and old alike, The Chatfield retails for $129 and is now available at Schreiter’s!

For more information on Top & Derby check out their website:


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A Packed House

Comfort Sleeper

Some of the most enjoyable events of the year happen between September and December. Birthday parties, Thanksgiving, the kids hosting sleepovers with their new friends, the in-laws staying the weekend, and of course the holidays. Weekends  are busy and with a packed schedule, we welcome a packed house.

This year, we’re happy that we’ve decided to invest in a better solution for our guests and made a decision: throw out the old blowup mattress. Instead, guests can look forward to sleepovers on the new sofa bed. No springs, no noise, just a better sleep for them and a new beautiful sofa for us to enjoy.

If you’re looking for a new sofa, consider one that offers more. The Comfort Sleeper by American Leather is an incredible option that gives your overnight guests a comfortable place to rest their heads. Select yours today, and save 15% until September 30.


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Rage Against the TV

Who am I kidding. I love TV. I spend whole evenings watching it. I have it playing in the background while I online shop, get in a few sit ups, prepare meals, consume meals (sorry, mom, you taught me better)….  And so it has come to pass that the TV now consumes me.

In our 550sq foot, open-concept space, it’s impossible to avoid – it LOOMS. For the sake of productivity, and of aesthetics, here are a few ways to push the TV into the background, and reclaim control!

1. Paint it out. Camouflage the screen by painting the wall behind it dark as well.

Photo courtesy of

2. Build it in. Take the dark walls a step further and work the TV into the detailing.

Photo courtesy of

3. Hide it, flip it. Recruit some smart furniture to assist your cause.


Product by Hulsta. Available at Schreiter’s.

4. Transform it: One minute, it’s art…the next, a TV! The one pictured below is by Samsung.

modern interior

Photo courtesy of


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Top 5 Design Magazines

We’re constantly seeking new sources of inspiration on TV, the world wide web and in our favorite bookstore. While it’s easy to be bombarded with content from different sources, we’ve come to realize how much we appreciate the simplicity and reliability of a great subscription. Subscribing to your favorite magazine let’s the inspiration land on your door step, and there’s something nostalgic about sitting down with a cup of coffee and casually flipping each page with anticipation.

Whether you’re a pro or simply passionate, here’s our top 5 must have magazines for your coffee table.

Azure September IssueDwell SeptemberElle DecorArchitectural DigestInterior Design

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Your Office, Your Brand

How important is your work space? A question many business owners have asked themselves over the years, and now more than ever the answer is clear. Important.

Your work environment is a direct reflection of your brand and smart business owners today are focusing on improving theirs for employees, clients & guests. So what does your work space say about your brand?

Is your office:

  • Traditional: classic, long-established, rooted, conservative.
  • Eclectic: broad, diverse, cosmopolitan, open-minded.
  • Modern: contemporary, current, leading-edge, present.

Is any one better than the other? We’re not convinced this is the case, but how you convey your brand through the design of your office does have an impact on your employee and client experience. What’s the first and lasting impression? How comfortable is the space? Similar to how you design your home, your office should also speak to who you are. Furniture selection, paint, textiles, lighting, accessories and accents all come together to create an environment that should be as unique as your business.

Whatever your style or taste, there is a wide variety of manufacturers who produce well made, high quality products that can be used in your office just as easily as your home. One of our current favorites is Gus Modern. Gus has a great assortment of sofas, tables, chairs and accents that work very well in office environments. Whether you are renovating, re-locating or re-decorating, Gus might have exactly what you’re looking for.

We’ve used Gus products in countless locations: office, boardroom, waiting room, lounge, kitchen..the list is endless and it has always proven successful. If you’re considering Gus for your home or office, shop now and save 20% off until August 18 on sofas, sectionals, chairs and ottomans!

Shop online at or come visit us in store today.

Waiting room
Chairs by Gus

Employee lounge
Chairs by Gus

Employee kitchen
Table and chairs by Gus

*images courtesy of

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